A new school year at Cross Academy with some new students come back for a good year at school or so they think.... is a alternate story based around vampire knight .
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August 2018
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 The main plot

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Toga Yagari

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PostSubject: The main plot    Fri Aug 26, 2011 10:09 pm

it been 20 year since yuki and all of them gradeuated

Zero stop hunting vampire about 16 years ago to stat a family
yuki and kaname got married and had kids

while three year ago a vampire name Lena tried to over throw the elder and was banish from the vampire social since then no one knows where she when to after her banish ....about a year ago Kaien Cross has disappear and left the Cross Academy to his friend Toga Yagari who is now the current head master
as a new school year begins wonder what will happen...............

I'll also so you a sweet dreams.......

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The main plot
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